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Skincare rebranding

A physical cosmetic rebranding to help assist from online to offline transition.

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Moving an online cosmetic company offline through a rebranding process.


Jan, 2019


Cosmetic company


Product Design

The Challenge

The challenge was helping a popular online cosmetic brand move from online to offline retail. In order to do so a redesign was required of the companies current packaging. Minimalism and focus on key product aspects were essential in this campaign.

Our Approach

A success redesign took place by focusing on the core aspects of design minimalism. We removed design bloat and focused on the key product characteristics.

“The product redesign helped alleviate some of our original product design bloat. This allowed our key products attributes to be the main focus of each design.”

Suke Tran
Freelance Designer


After launch, brand interaction across all channels increased significantly. Design simplicity allowed us to easily transition into retain that we’d never be able to obtain without this killer design.

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